5 Ways to Stretch Your Skin-Brightening Cream

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Skin-Brightening Cream
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If you’ve recently bought a product from us, first we’d like to say “thank you!” We are seriously excited that you’ve chosen Skintrium for your brightening needs. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. At Skintrium (and on this blog) we’re really committed to finding natural lightening alternatives. “Just say no” to harmful chemicals and opt for back-to-nature creams instead!
And to show our appreciation, we’ve penned this article to help you stretch the life of your brightening cream; seriously, it can be rough out there for a beauty-product hoarder or someone trying to deal with major pigment issues. We’ve been there! But with the right products, it really does get better.
Even if you’re an avid reader of our blog but a customer elsewhere, we’d still like to help you save pennies!
Real talk ladies and gents, we know high-end products aren’t always super cheap. (High-quality doesn’t always equal low budget, we’re afraid.) So… we thought we’d give you 5 great ways to save your luxe products and get the most bang for your buck!
Here are our beauty-junkie approved tips:

Sometimes Less Really is More!

This is a great beauty strategy for two reasons! One: applying the right amount of product will save your skin from irritation, breakouts, and other adverse reactions. (Anyone who has ever applied too much retinol knows what we’re talking about.) Two: you save product, which means you save money (and also time, come to think of it). Read the directions! If it says apply a dime-size amount, trust the label and act accordingly!

Try Every Other Night

This is sort of an extension of the last point, but every-other-night cream application can actually give you better results, especially if you’re skin is prone to sensitivity. However, every individual is different. Try both strategies–nightly application and every other evening–and note how your skin reacts.

Put a Lid On it!

Maybe you’re the kind of person that would never do leave a cap or lid off of an expensive product. However, some among us (aka the writers of this blog) are a bit more forgetful and need a reminder! Put your lid back on when you’re done with your brightening-cream application. And put it on tight! Don’t let the product oxidize and get all funky! You’ll be glad you did!  

Get Your Hands Dirty

Ditch the cotton balls, cotton rounds, and brushes! Instead use your fingers! You waste less product, help save the environment, and you’ll feel oh-so bohemian!  A triple win!

Know Product-Application Order

It’s important to know when to apply cleanser, toner, sunscreen, creams, etc.  Do your research and find the right product order for your lightening regimen. It’s usually best to apply your brightening cream at night. That way, your body is concentrating it’s energy on repairing your skin!
When in doubt… it’s brightening cleanser, SPF, and moisturizer in the morning and cleanser, moisturizer, and heavy-duty creams and serums at night. Think smart application! Favor product quality over quantity.

What do you think, brightening babes?

Are you going to try our strategies at home? We hope that our tips help you stretch the life of your favorite brightening product!
We want to hear from you. What are your favorite product-saving tips and DIYs? Leave your beauty wisdom in the comments below!

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