Let the charms, charm your wrist!!

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Charm bracelets are selling like the hot cakes this festive season. I personally love Charms Bracelets. It just helps you to enhance your entire look. Bracelets add a polish to any woman’s wardrobe and are always a welcome addition. You can never have too many bracelets! Bracelets draw attention to the beauty of wrists and hands. Their gentle jingle is a constant reminder of a sparkling presence that turns even an everyday outing into a more festive occasion. Women throughout history, from Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, have worn bracelets as decorative accessories, and contemporary women continue to keep the bracelet tradition going strong. Whether shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for someone special, bracelets are a winning bet.
Charm bracelets are desirable because they allow the wearer to easily customize their jewelry. Several charms, each having a special meaning to the wearer, can be attached to base bracelets in order to show off the wearer’s interests or history.While traditional dangling charm bracelets once dominated the market, two new styles, the Italian and the European, have emerged in recent years.
It’s all about the Charms!!
When it comes to finding the right charm, either for personal wear or for a gift, buyers should know about all the options available to them. They are already aware of the different styles of bracelets, so they should also become familiar with the different styles of charms.
The Charms Metal!
Another important element to consider when picking out charms is the colour of the bracelet. With traditional charm bracelets, gold charms and bracelets go together as do sterling silver options. Italian bracelets are typically silver in colour, but there are some there are some charms that have gold details; in this case, it is acceptable to mix metals.
Fusion of European and Italian!
European and Italian charms can be swapped out at a whim. Moreover, there is no rule against wearing more than one charm bracelet; many women accessorize with several charm bracelets in complimentary colours.
Classic Silver Tennis bracelet with charms!
These bracelets are the favorites of each and everyone. They are simple yet stylish and make a strong style statement! Most of the celebrities are found wearing Silver Tennis bracelet with charms which will help them to enhance their look yet keep it classy.
My Top 2 Favorite Pick for Charms Bracelets in Indian market:
Charms Bracelets from Chumbak
We’re proud of the desi things, but not in the overbearing swadeshi-crazed theatrical way. The charms which Chumbak offers are Desi yet classy. All with crazy Indian symbolisms like the cow, PCO, The nimbu mirchi charm, rickshaw, Indian loo charm to the cupcake, doughnut, and even scooter. For the truly special collectors, they have the most insanely awesome Charms one could imagine!
Charms Bracelets from Pipa Bella
The limited edition MissMalini Charms which are a truly fascinating and a delight to the wearer. They have their own designs and geek chic charms which you just don’t want to miss. They have charms like studded cameras, wine glass, heels, hashtag, xoxo, Omg and many more… You surely don’t want to miss out on this one!
Don’t forget to comment below and give us a big thumbs up if you are in love with charms bracelet. Do tell me if I have missed out any and share your charms bracelet experience with us!
Happy Charm to the Charms and the charmers!!

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